Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KhTP)

Type of project:
Business acquisition
Business location:
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Year of acquisition:

Kharkiv Tractor Plant PJSC is a legendary world-renowned machine-building enterprise. It was founded in 1930. The plant produces various makes of tractors and special-purpose machinery for agriculture, public services and construction works. The plant’s potential is enough to start manufacturing military machinery, provided there is a corresponding public procurement.

Kharkiv Tractor Plant production unites about 300 Ukrainian enterprises that supply goods and provide services. The number of employees who are engaged in the manufacturing cycle of KhTP tractor series is about 90 thousand people, which makes up 5% of all those working for the industry of Ukraine.

When the asset was acquired by DCH, Kharkiv Tractor Plant was on the brink of closure. Due to the new investor’s contribution, production was revived. The plant produces from 50 to 100 tractors per month (depending on the market demands). In 2017–2018, KhTP produced 1.500 units. KhTP capacities are currently being upgraded. The next stage is a large-scale project entitled Ecopolis that was unveiled in 2018. It presupposes creating innovative, educational and service components in addition to the industrial one.