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Kharkiv and Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi’s Business Park Ecopolis HTZ to Develop Business Tourism


On May 19, the Kharkiv City Council hosted a visiting session of the International Trade Club in Ukraine “Partnership in Tourism”. At the session, the representatives of the Kharkiv’s municipal authorities and the international business community signed a memorandum of development and cooperation in business tourism.

“We successfully cooperate with top international financial institutions and are actively implementing projects within the framework of private and public partnerships. We are open to work with all interested foreign partners, which is why we have signed a memorandum of cooperation in business tourism today,” Ihor Terekhov, Acting Mayor of Kharkiv and Secretary of the City Council, said at the session.

Vitalii Barannikov, Director of the management company that works with the new-generation business park Ecopolis HTZ, which is being implemented by DCH Group owned by the famous Ukrainian businessman Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, presented the project and said that the organizers would have begun to implement the project with a total investment capacity of about one billion dollars by the end of 2021.

“Recently, we have held a slew of negotiations, signed a number of memorandums of cooperation with international innovative companies, as we are working to attract foreign investors and therefore—of course—support such initiatives offered by the City Council and the International Trade Club to develop business tourism,” Vitalii Barannikov emphasized in his speech.

At the meeting of the municipal administration, the representatives of the International Trade Club and the Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions signed a memorandum of cooperation that involves a number of events to develop business tourism both in Ukraine and in Kharkiv.

To recap, the new-generation business park Ecopolis HTZ is an anchor project within the Kharkiv’s development strategy for the next decade. It is planned to invest USD 1 billion and thereby create at least 10 thousand modern jobs in Kharkiv thanks to the creation and development of an industrial park and a technology park that includes an IT park, R&D, education, culture and service centers and a trade cluster that will include shopping and entertainment centers, entertainment zones and a Big-Box Store.

As previously reported, telecom giants ZTE, Huawei, Hewlett Packard and other world-famous companies will become residents of the business park Ecopolis HTZ. Ecopolis HTZ will also be the heart of the Ukrainian Silicon Valley national project initiated by President Volodymyr Zelensky, while Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, a well-known Ukrainian businessman that ranks among top 10 of Forbes Ukraine, will act as the general investor and coordinator.