Sukha Balka Mine

Type of project:
Business acquisition
Business location:
Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Year of acquisition:

Sukha Balka is one of the key enterprises of the branch in Ukraine. It focuses on underground mining of iron ore. The mine was opened in the 19th century (1885). It is made up of two mines with underground crushing and above-ground crushing and grading units: Yuvileyna Mine (with the capacity of 2,250 thousand tons of sintering ore per year) and Frunze Mine (with the capacity of 1,285 thousand tons of sintering ore per year).

Currently, the enterprise ensures the production of over 3 mln tons of sintering ore per year. Iron content of salable ore varies within 56–62%. In 2018, new high-quality product extraction was launched. Its iron content equaled 64%. About 3.2 mln tons of ore with 58–62% iron content were dispatched to consumers.

In addition to rich iron ores, there are thick deposits of magnetic quartzite in the mine fields; their volumes presuppose several hundred years of mining.

The enterprise employs about 3,000 people.