DCH approaches to its investment activities have enabled the group of companies to create successful cases in the whole range of industries and sectors of economy over the course of its history. Guided by Value-Based Management principles, DCH has its own vision and logic of developing relations with its contractors, partners, and investors.

Investment Priorities

The range of DCH investment interests includes various branches of Ukrainian industry, and each of those has high long-term development potential. Decisions on expanding the scope of investment interests are taken on the basis of the approved investment criteria, with all potentially profitable projects being subject to consideration.

Investment Criteria

At the stage of project pre-investment assessment, an integrated scorecard is used; its constituent parts are as follows:

  • Marketing factors and characteristics of products/services (quality, sales capacity, market growth potential, character of competition in the sector, protection of products/services in the competitive environment, social importance).
  • Financial performance (expected return of business, expected profit margins, amounts to be invested, possible breakeven results without further provision of finance, volume of expenses to be covered for analyzing the market environment)
  • Additional features (potential withdrawal strategies, investor’s vision on business or branch of industry, possible attraction of co-investors, etc.)

Stability, expertise, and solid reputation of the current project team are significant factors that influence a decision on whether DCH is going to join the project.

Logic of Partnership

DCH attaches primary importance to complying with the principles of good business practices. This implies informing about the holding’s results both among primary and secondary stakeholders. DCH business is aimed at constant enhancing of resource efficiency and asset capitalization including improved and increased utilization efficiency of tangible and intangible resources, major and administrative business processes, etc. What is more, each transaction is subject to examination for compliance with business conduct standards even before it is conducted.

Investor Relations

Establishing productive investor relations is one of the priorities of DCH business. A comprehensive global program implemented by the holding ensures that co-investors and investment community are kept aware of important corporate events at a proper level. DCH supports the communication format based on mutual trust and consideration of all parties’ interests.