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DCH group won the AIMA competition for the management of the "Hlukhiv Quartzite Quarry"

Private joint-stock company Blastko owned by DCH group won the open competitive tender held by the state Agency for Investigation and Management of Assets and will become a manager of Hlukhiv Quartzite Quarry LLC after undergoing through all the required procedures.

Blastko PrJSC of DCH group  won the tender for the management of this facility thanks to many years of successful experience in managing quarries and other mining enterprises, as well as experience in managing facilities transferred to the AIMA agency, preserving their integrity and business functionality.
When choosing assets for acquisition, investment or management, DCH always acts exclusively within the legal field, evaluates the legal purity of such objects and is guided solely by the economic interests and assessment of business prospects of such objects, regardless of the positions of the previous owners