Karavan SEC Chain

Type of project:
Business acquisition
Business location:
Kyiv / Kharkiv / Dnipro, Ukraine
Year of acquisition:

Karavan Megastore is one of the first chains of shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine. The first one was opened in Kyiv in 2003. Today, the chain consists of three modern shopping and entertainment malls in various regions of Ukraine. The concept of the amenity focuses on directing equal attention to three components (Shopping-Food-Entertainment).

The total area of the chain covers about 250,000 sq.m. The total rentable area is 178,000 sq.m. The total number of leasers is over 1.000 legal entities.

The total monthly flow of visitors is estimated to be 2.5 mln people. The core audience of Karavan Megastore is women and men in their mid-twenties – mid-thirties and families with children.