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Official Statement of Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi about FC Metalist

Mr I. Terekhov, 
Acting Mayor of Kharkiv,
Secretary of the Kharkiv City Council

Mrs A. Tymchuk, 
Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional
Public Administration 

Mr A. Tovmasyan,
Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council

Our hometown Kharkiv and our native Kharkiv region have a splendid cultural heritage worthy of being meticulously preserved. Among the Kharkiv community's accomplishments are the victories and titles of the Metalist Football Club inscribed in golden letters in the region's history.

Seven bronze medals and silver medals of the national championship, European Cup matches and the UEFA Europa League quarterfinals, a great stadium built for EURO 2012, and a Children's Football Academy, and most importantly, the nationwide love and pride of Kharkiv citizens. All this is about Metalist.

2025 will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the legendary Kharkiv club. It is our duty as patriots of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region to commemorate the anniversary with dignity.

Now, only the name remains from that remarkable Metalist, and the infrastructure built for EURO 2012 is deteriorating.

Therefore, I encourage all caring compatriots, warm-hearted fans, and local authorities interested in developing the region to unite and restore the true heroic Metalist!

For my part, I promise to make every effort to return to its former glory.

“Yellow-blue” is the strongest!

Best regards,
Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi
President of FC Metalist (2005-2012)



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