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DCH Signs Memorandum with the Mubadala Foundation from the UAE

 DCH Group has completed the procedure for signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the Mubadala investment fund of Abu Dhabi’s government.

The Memorandum defines the general cooperation principles between the parties in joint projects.

Earlier, in the second half of January 2021, at the Mubadala Foundation’s initiative, a delegation of its representatives visited Ukraine for negotiations with the management of the DCH Group. Among other things, the draft of the Memorandum was discussed. Consequently, the document was executed and signed by the parties on February 18 this year.

The state-owned holding company Mubadala is entirely owned by Abu Dhabi’s government in the United Arab Emirates and operates on the model of sovereign wealth funds. The fund is included in the list of the largest sovereign investment funds in the world. The fund’s task is to promote the diversification of Abu Dhabi’s economy; the principal focus is on the management of long-term investments aimed at ensuring high financial returns and social benefits for the emirate. At the end of 2019, the fund’s assets exceeded $232 billion, and the annual profit was $14 billion. Companies in 50 countries represent Mubadala’s investment portfolio.