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DCH Offers Assistance in the Restoration of the Manor of Aircraft Designer Igor Sikorsky in Kyiv

DCH Group sent an official offer to help restore the manor of the famous aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky in Kyiv (15b, Yaroslaviv Val Str.).

According to media reports, the building is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine; and the United States Embassy and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation intend to finance the project for its restoration.

Considering the significance of the historical personality of Igor Sikorsky for the history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian aircraft industry, DCH is ready to take part in this project – to assume part of the expenses and to ensure the implementation of the necessary construction work.

As it is known, DCH traditionally pays great attention to perpetuating the memory of prominent historical personalities, and Igor Sikorsky is of them, of course. We regularly sponsor the leading Ukrainian universities – the best in Ukraine Karazin Kharkiv National University, Beketov Kharkiv National University, National Technical Institute “KhPI”, etc. As part of our corporate social responsibility program, monuments have already been erected to Nobel Prize winners Simon Kuznets, Ilya Mechnikov, Lev Landau, a classic of the Ukrainian literature Piotr Hulak-Artemovskyi, as well as a museum of the academician of architecture Aleksey Beketov.

Besides, DCH has extensive experience in constructing, developing, and implementing infrastructure projects in various regions. It includes building a new airport in Kharkiv, restoration of the old terminal's historical building, constructing a new stadium, the city's first 5* hotel and other facilities for the European Football Championship EURO 2012. The exposition of a specially created interactive museum, where modern digital and multimedia technologies are used, shows this large-scale urban planning project.

Official letters signed by the owner and president of DCH Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, containing the offer to support the project to restore the manor of Igor Sikorsky in Kyiv both organizationally and resourcefully, have already been sent to Her Excellency Ms Christine Queen, Charge d'Affaires of the United States in Ukraine, and Ukrainian Defence Minister Andriy Taran.