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STATEMENT OF ALEKSANDR YAROSLAVSKYI, PRESIDENT OF DCH. (response to the request of the Security Service of Ukraine of 16 January 2021)

I hereby inform the senior officials of the Security Service of Ukraine that on Saturday, 16 January 2021, the DCH’s secretariat received e-mails under the hand of the Head of the Department I of the Pre-trial Investigation Bureau I of the Central Investigation Department calling me for questioning as a witness on 19 January 2021, as well as on 20 January 2021, 21 January 2021, and 22 January 2021. 

Based upon the number of the criminal proceedings stated in the e-mails (i.e., #2201700000000272), under which the pre-trial investigation is being conducted, it is a case of PJSC Motor Sich, shares of which belong to the DCH investment portfolio and which DCH is planning to develop.
For my part, I hereby inform that, being a conscientious citizen, I will arrive at the indicated address on the very first of the listed days – 19 January 2021. 
At the same time, I am greatly perplexed by the list of Articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, according to which the SSU will receive my testimony, i.e. Article 14 Criminal Offense Preparation, Article 111 High Treason, and Article 113 Sabotage. In PJSC Motor Sich's case, those who do not allow its shareholders to enter the enterprise and do not convene a general meeting of shareholders could tell more. Those whose actions led to the dismissal of almost 10,000 workers, destroying their families’ livelihood. As well as those involved in unjustified arrests of shares, making unjust decisions, and sabotaging permits' issuance. I believe it would make sense to call all of them but not as witnesses.
The situation with PJSC Motor Sich is similar to the events at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant in 2016. While the DCH’s team was working to bring KhTZ out of idle time and find markets for its goods, individual representatives of the SSU also tried to incriminate the plant's management with sabotage and treason. History has judged us. The production has been restored, a high-tech business park Ecopolis HTZ is being created around it, and all the accusations burst like a bubble.
I am so sorry that five years later, under the new President of Ukraine and the government, the new deputy corps of the Verkhovna Rada, we again face the same intimidation of business and pressure on investors. And that our country has not yet become a legal state.
Nevertheless, I will fulfil my civic duty and will inform the SSU’s officers of my opinion on the questions that will be asked. Although hardly anyone will doubt that if I knew something about someone's betrayal of my native country and other crimes, I would come to the Security Service without waiting for a call since I genuinely believe in my country's bright future.