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At Kharkiv Palace Hotel a requiem for the passengers of the Boeing was held

On Thursday evening at Kharkiv Freedom Square took place a requiem in memory of dead passengers of Malaysian airliner Boeing 777-200 (flight MH17). The action was attended by tens of sorrow citizens who took to heart the tragedy and sincerely condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Before the event at the hotel Kharkiv Palace press conference was held, where spoke the Head of National Police Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Jan Tuinder, chairman of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine Serhiy Bochkovsky and chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Ihor Baluta.

They told reporters that at the Kharkov transport engineering plant named after V.A. Malyshev a special construction was built for the work of the experts with the remains of the dead passengers. Some the bodies will be sent to the Netherlands by the next special flight from Kharkiv Airport on Friday, July 25. Deadlines for transportation process of remains yet to be determined.

After the press conference officials joined the action of grief on the steps of the Kharkiv Palace Hotel. Venue for mourning activities wasn’t chosen by chance - in this hotel live all foreign experts who arrived in Ukraine to investigate the tragedy and to organize the transportation of the passengers’ remains of the crashed plane. At the initiative of Alexander Yaroslavsky (President of DCH, group, the structure of which includes hotel Kharkiv Palace) accommodation of specialists, foreign delegations, foreign journalists, as well as for those who wish to visit the place of the tragedy, is completely free of charge. For them here an exclusive service and all meals are organized. In addition, conference rooms of Kharkiv Palace run a specially created press center of the Crisis Center for the work of the State Commission to investigate the causes of plane Boeing 777-200 crash.

It should be noted that the maximum assistance to facilitate the work of foreign experts was previously introduced at other objects of DCH group. In particular, we are talking about the International Airport "Kharkiv", from where special flights with the dead passengers of Malaysian aircraft continue to be sent to the Netherlands.

Supplemental information

Kharkiv Palace 5 * - the first and the only luxury+ class hotel in Kharkov. Built within the preparation of Kharkiv for Euro 2012 in less than 1.5 years. The total investments in the project by Alexander Yaroslavsky amounted to $ 126 million. Designed in the typical city style of constructivism. Types of rooms - 180 rooms, including three-bedroom Presidential Suite.

International Airport "Kharkiv" - one of the four largest airports in Ukraine. Completely renovated for Euro 2012. The total investments in the project by Alexander Yaroslavsky amounted to $ 107.2 million Size of runway – 2500x45m. The airport has two terminals: the new total area of 19,750 square meters, with a capacity of 650 passengers/hour, and VIP-terminal (renovated terminal building built in 1954), an area of 2000 square meters and a capacity of 250 people/hour.