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The Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine and other bodies did not conduct investigative actions and did not make requests to DCH enterprises regarding the payment of taxes.

Considering the groundless mention of DCH and Mr. Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi in the recently published media, we shall inform you of the following.

Unfortunately, attempts to connect the publication on the Bureau of Economic Security website with the DCH group or its enterprises led the relevant media to false conclusions.

In fact, none of the companies of the DCH group received any requests from state bodies on taxation matters. Moreover, no investigative actions were carried out in this regard.

Please be reminded that DCH enterprises have paid UAH 1.631 billion to the budgets of all levels since the end of February 2022. Despite the war and the destruction of some of DCH’s facilities, the group employs about 10,000 people and implements a consistent policy of job preservation.