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For the attention of the public and the media! Official Statement of Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi

The public statements, which are related to me and made by the officials representing the law enforcement system of Ukraine, are forcing me to respond publicly.

Over 30 years, I have been building an independent Ukraine by earning money and investing it in my beloved native Kharkiv region and my homeland. Moreover, I build and invest with the hope of creating a strong and truly independent constitutional state, where everyone respects the law and is equal before the law.

Unfortunately, the investigative activities, in the context of which my last name has been publicly mentioned, do not fit well into the legal boundaries. One gets the feeling that the culprit has already been chosen, and they are now adjusting the evidentiary foundation for this purpose in the worst traditions of “political expediency”.

✔   How can key evidence disappear in a case personally controlled by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine? What kind of objectivity can we talk about when evidence has been stolen and planted?

✔   What kind of impartial investigation can we talk about when the investigation team obviously attempts to destabilize my private life and my work processes because of a regular traffic accident?

✔   Have you ever heard of clarifying the circumstances of accidents by putting pressure on business?

✔   What kind of legitimacy can Mr. Minister and Mrs. Prosecutor General guarantee me, if today we clearly see a bias and double standards of law enforcement?

It seems that someone wants, using baseless blockbuster accusations that mislead the public and the media, to hide their shortcomings and switch attention from the real problems to the so-called “high-profile case” that is fully trumped-up instead of discovering the truth.

This won’t work.

I am not an oligarch: I have no lapdog media and politicians. In my life and work, I have always been guided by the principle of justice, and everyone who has dealt with me on personal or business matters can easily confirm this. And I won’t tolerate unfair treatment towards me, which can smear my good name and affect the workflow of my companies.

My legal team has been actively working to find out the true circumstances of what happened since the first day. As soon as my schedule permits, I will be ready to take part in all investigative activities to discover the truth and prevent any falsification and politicization of this case.

Despite everything, I believe that Ukraine will be a state of law, and I keep contributing to its development.

Also, I would like to ask DCH staff, Metalist fans in the Kharkiv region, in Ukraine and around the world, and all Kharkiv residents to keep calm. All plans to develop my business structures, including all investments in Metalist and football infrastructure, will be up and running as planned.

Let’s move forward together!