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The airport is being built according to a public-private partnership scheme

With the start of work on the construction of a runway at the Dnipro international airport, the NS Dnipro company, a member of the DCH group of private investor Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, commences the construction of a new airport complex.

It was officially announced at a press conference on September 16.


‘A surely memorable event for the region has happened. The construction of the airport has begun. It will be modern, secured, and technologically advanced. It was the task set by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi. We are starting the construction of the runway as the first part of construction work, and DCH, our investor, is constructing a new terminal. As we planned, the work starts simultaneously,’ stated the Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Aleksandr Bondarenko, ‘A modern airport is a dream of residents and, at the same time, a priority needs for a region that is enthusiastic about developing quickly.’

As it is known, the state is building the runway, which is part of the country’s strategic infrastructure, the DCH group owned by the famous businessman Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, a private investor, is building the terminal complex under the scope of the public-private partnership project.


‘I can see real support from the state. I am grateful that a good team has been formed to implement the project,’ said Vladimir Vasilchenko, General Director of the Kharkiv International Airport, Head of the project team for the construction of a new airport in Dnipro, at a press conference, ‘We will use the experience of Kharkiv when it is possible to put individual finished objects into operation. In this case, there is a chance to speed up the launch of the operation of the new airport.’

Shortly before the beginning of the work on the construction of a runway and a new terminal complex, Vladislav Krykliy, the Minister of Infrastructure, announced on his Telegram channel, ‘We are starting the work on the construction of a new airfield complex at the Dnipro airport. An agreement, according to which preparatory work will start tomorrow, has been signed today,’ said the Minister, ‘A tender has been announced for the selection of the general contractor for the construction of the airfield, and the private investor NS Dnipro (a member of Yaroslavskyi’s DCH group) is starting to build a new passenger and VIP terminals.’