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The DCH Group
Ihor Kravchenko, Director of the State Enterprise “Ivchenko-Progress”,
with the honorary title of ‘Honored Engineer of Ukraine’

 Dear Mr Kravchenko,

We heartily congratulate you on being awarded a high state title! You have made an invaluable contribution to the development of the Ukrainian aircraft industry with your long work for the benefit of Ukraine, unique professional experience, and high human qualities.

ou have devoted a significant part of your creative professional life to inspired service to your native state. You have done everything to ensure that the products of the Ukrainian aviation industry hold a strong position in world markets. Ukraine is proud of its status as a leading aviation state.

Today, your achievements created by daily hard work, inspire colleagues and partners to new achievements and victories.

We are delighted to be with you on a new promising path of the revival of the Ukrainian aviation industry. We sincerely believe in the success of our great common goal for the benefit of Ukraine!

We wish your bright intentions would come true, all undertakings succeed, and kind wishes come true. Also, we will you good health, family comfort and love!