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Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi Officially Awarded the Title of Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv

Today, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, a well-known businessman — ranking among TOP 10 richest people according to Forbes Ukraine — and the President of DCH, has been awarded the title of the Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv at the official ceremony. Timed to coincide with the celebration of the Kharkiv Day, the ceremony has taken place at the Kharkiv Palace of Students of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi has arrived at the event with his family: his wife Marina and their common children Vladimir, Ekaterina and Victoria.

Today, Elina Svitolina, the No. 1 in Ukrainian professional tennis (her parents have come to receive the award), Viktor Kovtun, the Head of the Kharkiv Organization of the National Union of Artists, and Aleksandra Zub, the Director of the Mariinsky Gymnasium, have been awarded the titles of honorary citizens together with the businessman.

This is what Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi has commented to the media on today’s event, “I would like to thank Kharkiv residents, my family, colleagues, partners and friends. This is a team award! From my perspective, being an honorary citizen of Kharkiv is a kind of advance, as we still have many plans. We must do our best to make Kharkiv the aviation capital of Ukraine by reviving the Kharkiv Aviation Plant. Other industrial giants, which are practically on the brink of disappearance, cannot be shut down, e.g., we cannot allow Electrotyazhmash to collapse against this background.” The businessman has recalled that DCH has vast experience in working with industrial assets and reviving industrial enterprises. “This is our primary task: DCH knows how to complete it. KhTZ is a sparkling example. We have many plans!” he said.

To recap, the decision to award the title of Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv was made by the city council in June. After that, the local media made their TOP 10 Megaprojects by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi for Kharkiv — this is a list of the most outstanding good deeds done by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, an honorary citizen and a businessman known far beyond the borders of Ukraine, for his city. It is worth reminding that the Owner and President of DCH invested more than USD 1 billion in the development of the Kharkiv Region, including USD 300 million in the Kharkiv infrastructure for Euro 2012 as a general investor and coordinator of the preparation for this tournament. At present, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi is developing Ecopolis HTZ, a high-tech business park, at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant that was restored by his company. Until 2033, it is planned to invest about USD 1 billion in this project.

According to the Kharkiv media, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi ranks among 12 people who simultaneously hold the titles of Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv and Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv Region. On the eve of today’s ceremony, the expert council of the Ukrainian newspaper Novoe Vremia included Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi in the top twenty of its rating “TOP 100 Most Influential People of Ukraine” and noted the stability and positive dynamics of his positions.