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TOP-10 projects of mr Yaroslavskyi for Kharkiv. Why the businessman was awarded the title of the honorary citizen

Journalists have compiled a list of the most prominent projects that the famous businessman Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi has implemented for Kharkiv.

The city newspaper ‘Kharkovskie Izvestia’ has compiled a list of the most famous good deeds that were made for the city by its honorary citizen Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, the well-known Ukrainian businessman.

The brightest and most iconic pages of the last decades in the history of Kharkiv are associated with the name of the owner and president of DCH Group, who is also known far beyond the borders of Ukraine, Depo.Kharkiv states.

‘His love for his hometown is romantic, practical, and endless at the same time,” as the authors described Mr Yaroslavskyi’s attitude to his hometown. They give his indicative statement from the time of the beginning of the current pandemic when a businessman was actively engaged in the fight against the coronavirus scourge saying, ‘They must not only recall how they love Kharkiv and Slobozhanshchina with tears in their eyes,’ said the honorary Kharkiv citizen about the help of businessmen to the city, ‘but also dig deep into the pocket and give money to the native region.’

‘Kharkivskie Izvestia’ emphasizes, ‘We limited our list of good deeds of Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi to the most public projects and only in the Kharkiv region.’

According to the journalists, TOP-10 projects of Mr Yaroslavskyi for Kharkiv looks like this:

- $300 million invested by Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi for Kharkiv to become the host city of Euro 2012 (construction of a stadium, an airport, the first luxury hotel in the town, etc.)

- 'Golden era' of the 'Metalist' Kharkiv football club (six 'bronzes', 'silver', European cups)

- 'Olympus' Rugby club. The most titled in Ukraine, the basis of the national team;

- The revival of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KhTZ)

- Ecopolis HTZ Business Park ($1 billion investment in 2033)

- The path of 'UkrSibbank' in Kharkiv. It reached the national level and then the international level as part of BNP Paribas thanks to Mr Yaroslavskyi;

- Development of the Kharkiv International Airport built by Mr Yaroslavskyi for Euro 2012 (1.3 million passengers in 2019, the arrival of international air carriers, the European recognition)

- Kharkiv Palace Hotel 5* as a new architectural landmark, decoration of Svobody Square and the centre of business and cultural life on a national and international scale;

- Systematic support of Kharkiv city universities;

- Anti-COVID measures, the fight against the pandemic, PCR tests for Ukraine and Kharkiv, artificial lung for the Kharkiv city hospitals, food kits and first-aid kits for Kharkiv pensioners, mobilization of the Kharkiv business community.

Each of Mr Yaroslavskyi’s projects is a contribution to the development of Kharkiv, making the city better, more comfortable, safer, and modern. ‘By deed, not by word. That is Mr Yaroslavskyi all over,’ the newspaper reports.

‘If you have the right idea and goal, you will get what you aim at,’ the journalists quote the words once said by a businessman, adding that 'the correctness of his goals confirms the life.'

Let us recall that the Kharkiv City Council awarded Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi the title of ‘Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv’ a few weeks ago.

The tradition of such public recognition of the merits of outstanding Kharkiv citizens goes back to the 19th century. Among the honorary citizens of the 'first call' in the century before last were Mr Vladislav Frankovskiy, Doctor of Medicine and Founder of the City Children’s Hospital; Mr Aleksandr Petrov, Governor of Kharkiv in 1886-1895; Mr Leonard Hirschman, Renowned Ophthalmologist. In total, 124 people have become honorary citizens of the city during the existence of the title. At the same time, there are 12 honorary citizens of both Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, including Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi.