Being a linchpin of the Ukrainian and the international business community, DCH has always paid attention to logistics. Due to integrating Kharkiv International Airport and luxury hotel built by DCH for Euro-2012, Kharkiv Region is bustling with business activities.

The project of building Kharkiv International Airport is also significant as a successful public-private partnership in Ukraine. Currently, Oleksandr Yaroslavsky has announced that DCH is ready to use its capacities to construct a modern airport in Dnipro, another Ukrainian metropolis. At the request of the city’s authorities, experts of Kharkiv International Airport together with Airport Consulting Vienna have assessed the prospects of implementing the project. To that end, DCH has allocated UAH 3 mln. Construction can be started right after the government allocates the necessary amount of public money in order to build the runway (state property and strategic facility intended for civil and military use).