Mykolaiv Alumina Refinery Ltd.

Type of project:
Completed project
Business location:
Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Year of acquisition:

Mykolaiv Alumina Refinery Ltd. (MAR) is one of the biggest enterprises of the non-ferrous industry in Europe. It specializes in producing Bayer extractable alumina, aluminum oxide trihydrate, technical gallium, fine alumina, slime and aluminous cake. It is one of the world’s most power-efficient alumina refineries. The refinery also provides the highest degree of automated technological processes compared to other alumina refineries in the CIS.

When DCH participated in managing the asset (25% of shares), the enterprise was able to recover from the economic crisis in Ukraine and that of the branch.

Today, Mykolaiv Alumina Refinery Ltd. is part of Glencore, a Swiss company,owing to a number of equity transactions.