Type of project:
Completed project
Business location:
Cherkasy, Ukraine
Year of acquisition:

Azot OJSC is one of the biggest enterprises in Ukraine with a domestic market share equaling 36%. It produces mineral fertilizers, caprolactam and ion-exchange resins, and ammonium saltpeter. Dozens of production units make up the structure of Azot OJSC. The enterprise employs over 4.5 thousand people. Its products are exported to the markets of the CIS, Europe, South-East Asia, and Latin America.

When Azot was part of DCH, the latter invested over USD 250 mln in it. The funds were provided for upgrading and decreasing the volumes of gas consumption. It was during this period that Azot OJSC started – among the first – to adapt its activities to new conditions of the REACH law (regulation of production and circulation of chemicals in Europe).

Today Azot OJSC is part of Ostchem Holding AG belonging to businessman Dmytro Firtash to whom DCH beneficiary Oleksandr Yaroslavsky sold the enterprise in March 2011.