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The members of the working group considered the status of the project, its steps and improvement plan, and confirmed their willingness to participate in its implementation. 

The Kharkiv City Council hosted the first meeting of the working group on the implementation of the ‘Ukrainian Silicon Valley’ project based on the high-tech business park ‘Ecopolis HTZ’ of the DCH group of Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi today.

The regional news agency SQ reports.

Representatives of the city authorities, the team of Yaroslavskyi (the general investor and project coordinator), IT companies, and the rector of the city’s leading specialized universities discussed the action proposal in pursuance of the relevant instruction of President Zelenskyi.

Vitaliy Barannikov, Management Company Director of Ecopolis HTZ from DCH, told about the current status of the Ukrainian Silicon Valley project, ‘The best foreign architects and commercial consultants are already working with us. We plan to create a full cycle for the implementation of high-tech projects such as education, development, their implementation into manufacture. In particular, there will be the best conditions for representatives of the IT industry, possibly, including from Belarusian companies.’

Igor Terekhov, the First Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv, established the willingness of the city authorities to engage in the creation of the Ukrainian Silicon Valley stating ‘The fact that it will be in Kharkiv is excellent. Today we are here to discuss all related issues. The project has a powerful investor. The city understands that from our side, it will also be crucial to invest money, and we are ready for it.’ He emphases that it is crucial to ensure a decent scale of the project, and for this, the city has all the prerequisites, ‘We cannot do a project on the scale of a matchbox based on Khartron. With all due respect to Khartron. The Ukrainian Silicon Valley project ‘will be implemented based on the Ecopolis HTZ business park. And this is an indicator of its scale.’ 

The members of the working group discussed the status of the project, its stages and development strategy, confirmed their eagerness to engage in its implementation. The rector of N.V. Karazin Kharkiv National University emphasizes, ‘The phenomenon of the American Silicon Valley has not yet been repeated in the world. We have got a big chance. Firstly, we need a brain. We have many universities, professors, students, but they all are separated. And they need to be united so that there is a common work. Secondly, we need a city. He is Kharkiv. Kharkiv indeed lacks some drive – comfort is not important for people from the point of view of ‘here is my chair and my job’, but the comfort of mood, logistics, infrastructure, etc. But there is Mr Yaroslavsky in Kharkiv. Everything will work out.’