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Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi Invests EUR 5.5 Million to Manufacture Trams at Ecopolis HTZ

DCH owned by Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, in collaboration with the Kharkiv authorities, will launch the manufacture of trams at Ecopolis HTZ.

DS reports that Mr Hennadiy Kernes, the Mayor of Kharkiv, posted this message on his Telegram channel.

“Today we have agreed on how we will work on the project together with DCH at the mayor's office. The meeting has been attended by Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, the businessman and mastermind of Ecopolis HTZ, Mr Andriy Koval, the Director of Kharkiv Tractor Plant and representative of Ecopolis HTZ, Mr Yevgeniy Vodovozov, my Infrastructure Deputy, and Mr Mykhaylo Lazarev, the Head of the Reform Office. By working as a team, the municipal authorities and DCH/Ecopolis HTZ will completely renew not only the Kharkiv tram fleet but also the entire tramway rolling stock in Ukraine,” he wrote.

In addition, the Mayor of Kharkiv mentioned that the tram project at KhTP could help to support one more large enterprise in Kharkiv: Electrotyazhmash that is on the verge of bankruptcy and shutdown. This plant specializes in the manufacture of hydro and turbine generators and traction electrical equipment for railway and urban transport.

Creating technical documentation is the first step to launch this project. The next step is to prepare manufacturing facilities. It is planned to churn out the first Kharkiv trams no later than in 2 years.

According to DCH, Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi plans to invest about EUR 5.5 million in the manufacture of modern low-floor trams. Foreign partners will provide engineering and consulting support for the project.

Based on expert estimates, the tramway rolling stock in 14 Ukrainian cities using this type of transport is largely outdated. More than 90% of tram cars are over 20 years old, and more than 50% need to be urgently replaced. Trams, which were previously used in EU countries, are currently imported into Ukraine.

To recap, Kharkiv Tractor Plant has been included in the DCH investment portfolio since 2016. In 2019, the sales volume increased by 16%. The plant is implementing an investment program worth in total up to USD 10 million in order to modernize its facilities.

Ecopolis HTZ is a long-term investment project of DCH owned by Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi. This project implies a deep redevelopment of the KhTP territory. It will help to create a brand new world-class innovative business ecosystem to develop high-tech manufacturing, business, and research. It is planned to invest USD 1 billion, which will give Ukraine at least 13 thousand modern jobs. Ecopolis HTZ is one of the key projects under the Kharkiv development strategy for 2020–2030.