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DCH Owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi Becomes a Strategic Partner of Makyol, the Largest Turkish Company

DCH owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi is a strategic partner of Makyol, a famous Turkish company. This is reported by the DCH press service.

"As a local strategic partner of Makyol, DCH provides advisory support on a wide range of issues. This includes contacts in the business community and project management," the press release states.

Previously, Kharkiv mass media disclosed information confirming that the Turkish consortium was implementing a project in Kharkiv.

In February of this year, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, the president and owner of DCH, announced that he involved an international strategic partner. "This is a well-known company, DCH is ready to take a new direction together with them," the businessman told reporters at the Sew Ukraine forum on road construction.

Founded in 1965, Makyol ranks among the construction leaders in Turkey. The areas of activity include infrastructure construction (roads, metro, airports, irrigation dams, tunnels, bridges, etc.), residential and commercial construction, and investments in tourism. Makyol has vast experience in various countries around the world, including Morocco, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Albania, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Oman, and Kuwait. It implements projects both as EPC or EPC + F where F is financing) and public-private partnership (PPP).