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Yaroslavskyi Bought 'Artificial Lung' Machines for Kharkiv Hospitals

Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, the owner and president of DCH, bought unique devices LivaNova S5 ‘Artificial Lung’ from one of the leading German manufacturers for Kharkiv region. They were handed over to the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. DCH Press Service reported this.

‘I took part in all the processes of the region’s struggle with the pandemic. I want to make this gift to the region’s healthcare from the bottom of my heart. The equipment will save someone's life. DCH helped, helps, and will help the citizens of Kharkiv. I will do everything depending on me’, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi told reporters after presenting certificates of a gift. ‘Artificial Lung’ devices (ECMO – extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) provide artificial blood circulation support for patients having severe pulmonary complications, especially patients diagnosed with COVID-19. They are used if the use of equipment for artificial ventilation (ALV) does not give results. ECMO is connected to the large veins of the patient, and the bloodstream goes through an artificial lung, which enriches venous blood with oxygen and helps to remove carbon dioxide. Thus, the patient's lungs can be treated. At a meeting in the Kharkiv Regional State Administration building, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi handed over a certificate for LivaNova S5 ECMO device to Aleksei Kucher, the governor of Kharkiv region, for medical needs in the region. ‘This is the initiative of Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi. I now inform you that we have already decided to place this valuable equipment in the infectious diseases hospital. There are certain fluctuations, so the gift is needed', the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration thanked Yaroslavskyi.

The second ‘Artificial Lung’ machine was handed over to the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences named after V.T. Zaitsev of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine located in Kharkiv. Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi handed over the certificate for equipment to Valeriy Boyko, the Director of the Institute and Academician. 'I, our team and the Kharkiv citizens express our deepest gratitude. This is the device that will give life to so many people. It is very technological, modern and highly efficient, the best in the world. ECMO equipment will significantly advance Kharkiv in the treatment of patients, including patients diagnosed with COVID’, Boyko praised DCH's gift from a professional point of view. Each of the ECMO devices donated by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi to Kharkiv doctors today costs about UAH 10 million. Both sets of equipment have been delivered to the respective hospitals today.

As you know, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi is actively involved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Kharkiv region. According to media reports, the amount of funds allocated by him to counteract COVID-19 is UAH 391 million. With the assistance of his friend Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire, Yaroslavskyi ensured the delivery of 150 thousand PCR tests and reagents for them to Ukraine. Also, he organized a direct purchase of medical devices for hospitals in the region by other Kharkiv business people. Besides, he is creating a centre of modern virology within the framework of his Ecopolis HTZ business park and has already acquired modern laboratory equipment worth UAH 15 million for it. Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi promised a reward of USD 999 999 to the developers of the vaccine from COVID-19. And, as part of his joint action with the city government to support socially vulnerable groups of citizens, Kharkiv pensioners received 150 000 food sets and 40 000 first-aid kits.