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‘The virology centre in Ecopolis HTZ of Yaroslavsky will appear just on time,’ said the Director of the Institute of Biology

The Centre for Modern Virology being created in Kharkiv by businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky as a part of the Ecopolis HTZ project will open up new opportunities for Ukrainian scientists to fight against coronavirus and prevent other infectious diseases

Anatoly Bozhkov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Research Institute of Biology of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, told this to ‘Khakovskie Izvestia’ as reports Depo.Kharkiv.

‘The technologies that will be available at the centre will make it possible to research different directions helping to study the interaction between most microorganisms and humans in more detail. It really must be done promptly. It can enable us to be more prepared for situations that will occur. The centre will allow solving many other issues, besides counteracting the COVID-19 virus,’ said Bozhkov.

According to the publication, the opening of a modern virological centre in Ecopolis HTZ will allow making developments that will not only help reduce the risks of the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in Ukraine but will also support the improvement of world science. ‘We should not repeat the researches that are now being carried out all over the world and thanks to which the gene of this strain of the virus has already been found. It is especially important to develop the right strategy, look for the real ways that have not yet been discovered and studied as of today. And, using these new approaches, to seek a solution to the problem we are facing,’ emphasized the scientist.

According to Bozhkov, the scientists of the virological centre will concentrate on finding methods that will facilitate the course of coronavirus disease, focusing simultaneously on the creation of an anticoronavirus vaccine at the first stage. ‘Our university is ready. First of all, the Department of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, which I work at. We have been giving the course of virology for a long time; we teach the course of microbiology. We have scientific publications in this field. We are ready to take it seriously in cooperation with other universities,’ said Bozhkov.

As previously reported, in mid-April Alexander Yaroslavsky had already purchased the first batch of laboratory equipment for UAH 15 million for the virology centre that is being created. The equipment from the leading American manufacturer ThermoFisher Scientific, the world leader in biotechnology, will allow not only to establish whether the patient is ill but also to obtain data for the development of further treatment, taking into account the unique genetic characteristics of both the pathogen and the person. Also, the of scientists the virology centre of Ecopolis HTZ will be provided with all the means to conduct scientific research to effectively combat all types of coronaviruses, as well as pathogens of other infectious diseases.