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Yaroslavsky and Kharkiv City Authorities Establish Virology Center as Part of Ecopolis HTZ

In Kharkiv, a modern virology research centre will be established as a part of the innovative business ecosystem Ecopolis HTZ of Alexander Yaroslavsky, which will become the starting point for the medical cluster of this large-scale project.

This was announced by the Mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, in his Telegram channel. "Today all world science is developing a vaccine against coronavirus. Kharkiv is the scientific capital of Ukraine, and 2020 is the year of medicine. Therefore, Alexander Yaroslavsky and I have discussed the idea of ​​establishing a powerful virology center in our city. Yaroslavsky is ready to establish a laboratory that has no analogues in Ukraine as a part of the Medical Center of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant, where Ecopolis HTZ multidisciplinary technology park is being created. It will be called the Expert Laboratory and Diagnostic Center for Infectious Diseases and Sanitary Protection. It will lay the foundation for Ecopolis HTZ medical cluster," the Mayor of Kharkiv said.

According to Kernes, the city will support the research in medicine and pharmacy in Ecopolis HTZ and confirm the status of Kharkiv as a scientific capital.

"My entire team and I, as a mayor, will provide all the necessary support. Together with Yaroslavsky, we will invite leading virologists, provide them with everything necessary, and develop the most advanced drugs and vaccines not only against coronavirus. Kharkiv is science, Kharkiv is medicine and pharmacy, Kharkiv is high technology! So it was, is and will be!" said the Mayor. Yaroslavsky's DCH has confirmed their intention to establish an ultramodern virology centre in a short time.

"Everything related to healthcare is high technology. Therefore, initially, it is one of the priority areas of Ecopolis HTZ," the press service said. As it is known, Ecopolis KhTP is established on the basis of the legendary Kharkiv Tractor Plant owned by Alexander Yaroslavsky. After redevelopment of the territory, there will be a multi-functional ecosystem, including various areas.

Ecopolis HTZ will consist of an industrial park, an IT cluster, logistics, trading, research, educational and medical clusters. Yaroslavsky plans to invest about USD 1 billion in Ecopolis HTZ, which will create more than 10 thousand new high-tech jobs in Kharkiv. Innovative technologies developed for Ecopolis HTZ will allow us to preserve the modern tractor equipment production strategically crucial for Ukraine with its robust agricultural sector, to maximize the potential use of HTZ for the development of science, industry and international economic relations.