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Rada Reserved Funds in 2020 Budget for the Dnipro Airport to Be Built by Yaroslavsky

In 2020, the actual amount of public funding of the Dnipro Airport amounts to UAH 300 million

When revising the items of the state budget for 2020, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine reserved UAH 100 million for the construction of a new runway at the Dnipro Airport. This is stated on the website of the parliament as reported by RBC Ukraine.

As previously reported, the project of a new airport in Dnipro is implemented through a public-private partnership. The authorities are responsible for the runway and the airfield, and Alexander Yaroslavsky provides funding for the construction of modern terminals. Before revising the state budget for 2020, Yaroslavsky asked the central authorities not to stop funding this important project for the region.

"I would like to appeal to the President, the Prime Minister, and the government. We have been fighting for this project for a long time, and Dnipro residents have been looking forward to the new airport for many years. I appeal to you, please return this item," the businessperson said on the air of 1+1 channel.

Recall that DCH Group owned by Yaroslavsky has successful experience in the construction and subsequent operation of the Kharkiv International Airport.

Earlier in the Dnipro Regional State Administration, DCH presented the architectural concept of the new airport complex to representatives of local authorities and people's deputies from Dnipro. As it is known, the planned amount of public funding for the runway of the Dnipro Airport amounts to UAH 1.2 billion (including UAH 200 million transferred from the last year), and Yaroslavsky invests USD 70 million in terminals.

After today's decision of the Rada, the actual amount of public funding of the Dnipro Airport in 2020 amounts to UAH 300 million. Yaroslavsky's DCH has confirmed that they continue to implement the project as planned and are confidently moving forward, even taking into account the changing conditions for its implementation. Recall that last year Dnipropetrovsk International Airport celebrated its 75th anniversary, the degree of structural deterioration of its buildings reached 50%, the runway was reconstructed about 30 years ago.

With a new 3,200 m runway, the Dnipro Airport will be able to accommodate modern airliners of all types, including Boeing 777. The airport will be equipped with the latest navigation systems, meteorological and light signalling equipment. The new terminal will have a high acceptance rate—up to 3 million passengers a year.