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Those who financially helped the region to fight against coronavirus in Kharkov are named⠀

Based on the results of raising funds for the Kharkiv region to fight the coronavirus epidemic, a list of Kharkiv residents and companies that took part in this process was compiled. Data published at  StopVirus.Kharkiv.

The first contribution of $2 million was made by Alexander Yaroslavsky, owner and president of DCH group. For these funds and with the support of his friend Jack Ma, 100,000 PCR tests for the amount of $850,000 and 50 mechanical ventilation devices severely deficient in the world were purchased.

The businessmen and public leaders of Kharkiv, who were present at 19 March meeting in Kharkiv Palace, also funded the purchase of various vital medical goods for the region for a total amount of $2.348 million. ‘My deepest gratitude!’ Alexander Yaroslavsky thanked all the concerned countrymen making contributions on the air of Channel 24 on 26 March 2020.

All payments were made directly to suppliers on direct accounts. The complete list of the individuals and legal entities is given in the table.

Thanks to such support, the region is almost entirely provided with the necessary resources. As the mayor of Kharkiv, Hennadiy Kernes, said in an interview to Ukrainska Pravda, ‘We are ready. We have tests, ventilation, and other devices donated by entrepreneurs. We are ready to help people with food sets and first-aid kits. As a citizen of Ukraine, I bought for my money and presented a breathing apparatus with an anaesthetic apparatus to the Emergency Hospital #4. I notarized and handed it over as it should be. The mayor, the governor, deputies, Alexander Yaroslavsky, his brother, and his friends – everybody works.’

Currently, the Anti-Crisis Headquarters, in its original organizational form, fulfilled its purpose of additional financial support for the region. ‘This is where my active part ends, but I am here 24 hours a day,’ said Alexander Yaroslavsky after the meeting at Kharkiv Region State Administration. This was confirmed by Hennadiy Kernes saying that he ‘accepts applications with Alexander Yaroslavsky to help people,’ in an interview with UP. Let’s recall that the Kharkiv City Council previously allocated UAH 60.5 million to prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus in the city.