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Instead of Rapid Tests, We Are Going to Purchase More PCR Tests with the Help of Jack Ma for Ukraine, — Alexander Yaroslavsky

Alexander Yaroslavsky, the owner and president of DCH, is going to purchase another batch of PCR tests — instead of rapid coronavirus tests — with the help of his friend Jack Ma. About half of USD 2 million allocated to combat the epidemic is planned to use for this purpose. This has been reported by the DCH press service.

"The PCR tests that were delivered from China on Monday, as I agreed, are currently the most accurate and efficient. These are globally scarce products that we get from a reliable source thanks to the invaluable help of Jack Ma. We cannot pass up this unique opportunity. Therefore, we, together with the Presidential Office, are purchasing and taking another 100 thousand PCR test systems to Ukraine," the businessman explained.

Alexander Yaroslavsky has emphasized that this is exactly the type of coronavirus tests that, according to medical experts, is needed right now to slow down the spread of the epidemic throughout the country.

As far as is known, Alexander Yaroslavsky has initially allocated USD 2 million to purchase rapid tests after the meeting in the Presidential Office on March 16. To recap, yesterday the first batch of PCR tests arrived to Ukraine with the help of Alexander Yaroslavsky and Jack Ma. These tests ensure the highest possible accuracy of coronavirus detection. According to virologists, PCR analysis is the gold standard of coronavirus testing. Using a special immunofluorescence analyzer, patient samples are tested to detect coronavirus-specific N antigens.