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Today, on January 27, at the forum Roads UA 2020 held under the auspices of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Ukravtodor State Agency on Automobile Roads, Alexander Yaroslavsky, owner and president of DCH group, has announced his intention to engage in road construction.

“If not us, who? Looking at the condition of our roads, I decided that DCH will participate in road construction,” said the businessman.

Yaroslavsky estimated the potential volume of work which can be fulfilled by DCH road construction sector this year up to “$100-200 million, possibly $300 million.” He also announced his willingness to join the relevant projects very shortly.

According to Yaroslavsky, a specialised unit will be created in DCH group, which will attract partners with the necessary technical base and relevant experience

“We will be certainly attracting someone into cooperation. Those who own road equipment, who can quickly adapt to our situation, who we believe and can honestly do this business. We will analyse the government's plan that was presented today, and we will participate in tenders, at least in Kharkiv and Dnipro regions. But in general, we are interested in all the roads that we can build,” he explained.

As the present journalists reported, Alexander Yaroslavsky came out from a business meeting, where Alexey Goncharuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine was present, to communicate with the media. Today, the head of government said that 4 thousand km of high-quality roads should appear in Ukraine by the end of 2020.

DCH group of Alexander Yaroslavsky was founded more than 20 years ago and has got a wide range of activities. The investment portfolio includes assets of such sectors as finance, development, industry, transport, hotel business, etc. Among the group's iconic enterprises are the legendary Kharkiv Tractor and Dnipro Metallurgical Plants.

In particular, DCH is known for large-scale infrastructure projects in Kharkiv in preparation of the city for Euro 2012. Thanks to Yaroslavsky's investments of $300 million, a new airport was built there, and some UEFA-criterion sports facilities were built. Currently, DCH has begun working on a project to build a new airport in Dnipro, as part of a public-private partnership, becoming a private investor in creating a modern airport complex (planned investment amount equals $80 million).

Last week in Davos (Switzerland), Alexander Yaroslavsky attended a meeting of the National Investment Council of Ukraine. He also confirmed to reporters that he was buying Credit-Dnipro bank from Victor Pinchuk and told about the progress in implementing his Ecopolis-KhTP projects in Kharkiv and the construction of the new airport in Dnipro.