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“In the image and likeness of Kharkiv,” Yaroslavsky told how much he intends to invest in a new airport in Dnipro.

The owner of DCH investment group Alexander Yaroslavsky intends to spend $70−80 million on the construction of a terminal at the Dnipro airport.

He commented to NМ in Davos, where the World Economic Forum takes place.

The businessman said that the construction of a new airport will begin this year.

“This is a public-private partnership. The state has already allocated UAH 1.2 billion from UAH 3 billion. The terminal costs approximately $70–80 million. The terminal is my investment. Everything will be in the image and likeness of Kharkiv. The state builts a strip and an airfield, and my investments are an airport complex,” said Yaroslavsky.

He said in a commentary to NV that the new terminal will be built on the site of the platforms of the existing airport in October this year. The existing terminal will be pulled out of service in the future. The construction of a new airport will begin this spring. According to Yaroslavsky, he expects a passenger flow of 4 million people a year.

Let's recall. Yaroslavsky reconstructed Kharkiv airport for Euro 2012. The project was also implemented according to the model of public-private partnership. DCH group upgraded the old terminal and built a new one. It cost about $107 million.