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The Prime Minister pledged that the government will also provide an “investment nanny” to Ukrainian investors.

Notable developments are prominent in Ukraine, allowing the implementation of large infrastructure projects in the country.

It was announced by Alexander Yaroslavsky, owner and president of DCH group, the famous Ukrainian businessman, during breakfast in the Ukrainian House.

The Ukrainian businessman highlighted, “On a personal note, I may say that the situation in Ukraine has changed for 100%. I will talk about particular matters. We have tried to start building an airport in Dnipro for many years (we want to build one in Donetsk as well). In this year, we begin the construction of this vital infrastructure facility, and I hope this is only the beginning.” He added that he plans to invest in the development of Ukrainian infrastructure and called Davos 2020 the most productive for Ukraine.

Also, Alexander Yaroslavsky asked Goncharuk, the Prime Minister, a question, “I have heard here,” said the businessman commenting the speech of Goncharuk, the Prime Minister, “that you will be very ‘gentle’ to foreign investors — they will have ‘nannies’. I want to ask the Prime Minister: will there be ‘nannies’ for local investors and ‘gentle’ attitude towards them?”

In response to a businessman’s question, the Prime Minister said that each investor in the government would get a “personal manager” that is “investment nanny” and the government is ready to receive signals from investors about the difficulties or resistance of local officials and, in the future, the government intends to create a clear system and transparent procedures that will allow Ukraine to abandon the practice of ‘manual intervention’ when resolving investors' issues.

“To those already investing in Ukraine, the attitude should not be worse than towards those who we would like to attract. Of course, the ‘investment nanny’ is a marketing to attract attention,” Goncharuk responded to the question of Yaroslavsky, whose DCH group has invested over $1 billion in the development of Kharkiv region alone over the years, “I'm sure that all of us understand the essence of this approach well. We want every person investing in the economy and our country, to have direct contact with the government if some problems occur locally”. “In order not to waste time, we ask you,” Goncharuk referred to the audience in response to a question from Yaroslavsky, “if you are ready to invest and develop our country, you are welcome! You can have an individual manager in the government who will understand you and will take care of your investments. Our task is not to solve your problems manually; our mission is to receive a signal from you as quickly as possible to find out where the system gives falters. This is the approach that we have chosen and are implementing.”

According to media reports, Yaroslavsky took part in a meeting of the National Investment Council of Ukraine held yesterday in Davos. He also confirmed to reporters that he was buying Credit-Dnipro bank from Victor Pinchuk and told about the progress in implementing his Ecopolis-KhTP projects in Kharkiv and the construction of a new airport in the Dnipro.