DCH has been supporting sports throughout all its history. Social investments in this sector reflect Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s firm adherence to a healthy lifestyle and his wish to facilitate global recognition of his native Kharkiv. For many years, the group’s beneficiary Oleksandr Yaroslavsky was president of FC Metalist. It was during the days of the businessman’s active support that the team became not only a leader of the Ukrainian championship but was also able to properly represent the country in European contests. Investments in developing Ukrainian sports and enhancing Ukraine’s and Kharkiv’s international reputation are proved by the active participation of DCH in the preparation for Euro-2012. Due to the infrastructure projects implemented by DCH (building a modern airport and a modern stadium, supporting sports amenities, the first luxury hotel in the region), Kharkiv qualified for hosting the championship’s matches. Moreover, DCH has been supporting the rugby club Olymp throughout its history. The latter is not only the strongest club of Ukraine but is also the base for the national team.